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Aching hands

mattsccmmattsccm Posts: 408
Seems to be the nearest to a medical forum so here goes.
Old age is creeping in. Early! The doc says I have a touch of arthritis aggravated by injuries. Knees, elbows etc. My biggest issue thought is my hands. I find they ache something rotten. It seems to be my weight on them more than anything. Funnily enough flat bars are worse over a days ride( can't swap the grip as much I suppose). Been as far as a new frame to lift the bars to seat height, double tape and gel, super padded gloves. To be honest they don't solve the problem. I reckon it's time I looked at the medical side of things. My doc is useless and says it's ageing. At 48 on Sunday!
Has anyone tried either dietry supplements or accupuncture or anything else? This is not stopping my riding yet but I can see that it will and would like to postpone this as long as I can.
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