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Cycle Computer with indoor trainer

sggclarksggclark Posts: 4
Can anyone recommend a cycle computer that is wireless and works from the rear wheel. This is so that I can use it in conjunction with my Tacx indoor trainer. I don't really need a lot of fancy functions just something reliable and relatively inexpensive.

Many thanks,


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Cateye are usually pretty reliable - think the ones with cadence tend to work off the rear wheel as it's a combined pedal/wheel sensor but not sure on model numbers.
  • I've used VDO and Polar computers. They are designed for the front wheel; however, so long as you mount the computer on the top tube (which is fine when you're on the turbo) then the transmitter range will still be sufficient for the speed sensor to be picked up by the computer.
  • sggclarksggclark Posts: 4
    Thanks Bronzie,

    I did indeed try this method however my Cateye and Pro SX won't cope with the distance form the sensor...
  • The Cateye Strada 9 wired with cadence works well on a turbo trainer. In my case, It replaced a Cateye Astrale 8 which had served for many years until I used it on a turbo trainer. The contacts became corroded very quickly once I started to sweat on it :shock: So may be a wireless option would be best :D
  • doyler78doyler78 Posts: 1,951
    I've never had a problem with Polar's on the rear wheel and having the computer mounted normally either on the stem or bars. Having said that all my Polar's have been the top models in their range when I purchased so not sure about what their lower specced models.
  • gllewellyngllewellyn Posts: 113
    Cateye V3 is what I use for that exact scenario. Speed done off the back wheel using a combined sensor that also measures cadence off the crank. It also measures heart rate as well.

    It's not the cheapest around (although I got second hand one of fleabay), but it is very good - had mine for about 18 months now and it has always worked very well both on road and on the turbo.
  • sggclarksggclark Posts: 4
    The V3 Wireless comes in at around £100 so quite a hefty price-tag.

    Has anyone tried the Cateye Strada Cadence with an indoor trainer?

    This is £30 and looks like a viable option...

    Thanks again.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    sggclark wrote:
    Has anyone tried the Cateye Strada Cadence with an indoor trainer?
    Yeah, works fine but it's not wireless so looks a little ugly (I've got an old road frame as a dedicated turbo bike so not an issue for me)
  • B3rnieMacB3rnieMac Posts: 384
    i bought a cateye strada double wireless for the rear mount feature for the turbo. works well on the turbo, but tends to lose signal for a few seconds in certain areas outdoors (always in the same places funnily enough) and at times going over 40 makes it lose signal. and setting it up on my chainstay is a complete censored , had to duct tape it to get it to sit sturdily enough.
  • HerbsmanHerbsman Posts: 2,029
    Sigma might be a good bet. £40 from Decathlon if I remember rightly, but the cadence sensor is an optional extra. If I remember correctly.
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