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neilo23neilo23 Posts: 783
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My girlfriend, for whom a bike is a bike, a cyclist is a cyclist, bought me a very nice print of a lovely big mountain....with a mountain biker slap bang in the middle of it. What can I do with it? I can't hang it anywhere prominent in case visitors think I belong to the dark side. However, I can't hang it up in the cellar, for example, without seeming ungrateful. It's a problem for me (he who really should be worrying about more important things).


  • upperoilcanupperoilcan Posts: 1,180
    Er post a picture of said picture and let the good members of this Forum vote on what you should do with it !!!!!!!
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  • pbt150pbt150 Posts: 314
    Hang it up in the upstairs toilet. Hopefully your guests won't go there (much) but it'll still take 'pride of place' in your home.
  • ProssPross Posts: 32,057
    Airbrush it so you just have a nice picture of a mountain :wink:
  • Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin Posts: 4,330
    Accidentally damage it then choose a more appropriate one and claim it back from your home contents insurance.
  • neilo23neilo23 Posts: 783

    Here's a link to said poster. The guy has a rucksack on for God's sake!
  • AggieboyAggieboy Posts: 3,996
    neilo23 wrote:

    Here's a link to said poster. The guy has a rucksack on for God's sake!

    Nice poster though. Cycling is cycling.
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  • upperoilcanupperoilcan Posts: 1,180
    edited March 2011
    Although a kinda strange picture in a nice sort of way,its not something that should be hung in the house.....

    Would you not be able to get away with saying it would look the pride of place at your work ?

    Then you get to keep the lady happy and save face ! :D
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  • neilo23neilo23 Posts: 783
    If I'm honest, I think it's a nice picture, too. Seeing as it's from her I'm prepared to overlook her ignorance and mentally airbrush in a pair of drop handlebars. Still, my roadie snobbishness remains. At least he's not wearing an Arsenal shirt. :wink:
  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
    Embrace her and tell her you love her. Then embrace the poster and learn to love it. After all, she learned to love you despite all your faults and your inconsiderate attitude towards her interests. You never did put those shelves up either, and you spend far too much time on the internet when you should be talking to her. And the grass needs a good cut and the bins don't empty themselves, you know.

    Alternatively, you could buy her a poster of a Ferrari or a pair of lesbains and see if she takes the hint:
  • dynastarg9dynastarg9 Posts: 103
    Dump her, she should know better! :P
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  • neilo23neilo23 Posts: 783
    dynastarg9 wrote:
    Dump her, she should know better! :P

    It's more likely to be her doing the dumping right now. A picture of me being pushed off a mountain would probably make her day. She's just jealous because she can't get her legs as smooth as mine.
  • tebbittebbit Posts: 604
    dynastarg9 wrote:
    Dump her, she should know better! :P

    + 1
  • I'm afraid it's just gonna have to go - too obviously a MTBer
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  • Homer JHomer J Posts: 920
    In return buy her a dress that your nan might wear.
  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    have you seen his nan phwoar(as harry hill might say) :lol:
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