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Hi guys,
Im new to these parts and have been getting into biking again recently, I had a BMX a few years ago but was never really very good on it! Now I'm a bit older Im after a mountain bike. I bought a hybrid as a stop gap last summer because it was cheap nad I wasn't really doing much off road.
I went camping in Grizedale last August and took it around there which it managed but it wasn't ideal and doing that a lot won't do it much good! I want to do a bit more off road so have been looking at getting a proper mountain bike, I've been looking 2nd hand for less than £200 on ebay mainly at things like Trek and Specialized and can probably get something semi decent that's a few years old.

I've seen a Carrera Kraken which I've heard good things about for the price, the only thing putting me off it is that it has mechanical disc brakes as opposed to hydraulic which I hear can be fiddly and need constant attention but in all honesty I don't know a great deal about them and can't find much in any of the buyers guides relating specifically to mechanical disc brakes. Can anyone offer any advice?

Also have a look at my wanted post if you have something you think might suit me.

Cheers :D


  • A good set of mechanical disc brakes will be much better than a bad set of hydraulics.

    Plus, if you find you dont get along with them, you can always upgrade to hydraulics at a later date.

    The Kraken is a good bike for the money though. Far better than any of the similar priced offerings from the big names.
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    Depending on how old the Kracken is it may have hydraulic brakes? I bought a second hand Kracken last year for £200 and it was a 2010 model with hydraulics.

    It was advertised at £270, but I haggle hard!! I've used it daily since about Sept last year and no problems at all with it other than a change of the chain and rear casssette (as the originals appear to be made of cheese!).

    Keep an eye open on Ebay/Gumtree as people often put over inflated prices on the bikes initially, but when it doesnt sell get panicky and will accept a silly offer (especially if its a 'bought it on the cycle to work scheme, only used once' type bike!).

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    Might be a good idea to ask if it's on the cycle to work scheme, and not fully paid off as in that case it's not their bike to sell, it belongs to the employer.
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    The Kraken I was was watching on eBay disappeared, someone must have sent them an offer and he accepted it, ah well!

    I've got my eye on a GT Aggressor 2.0 now, 12 months old and barely been ridden looks almost new, I'll see what happens with that. Its only got V brakes but I'm not that fussed really, I was just worried that mechanical disk brakes might be a bit of a nightmare to keep working efficiently.
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    In some ways cable disc brakes can be easier to upkeep than hydros as they don't need bleeding.

    All I found I needed when I had tektro IO's was the a bit of cable adjustment (never needed more than a twist of the barrel adjuster) due to stretch & occasionally resetting the slave pad closer to the rotor as they wore down. Took next to no time especially compared to the Vs they replaced.

    Decent hydros on the other hand are pretty much fit & forget apart for the occasional bleed to get the air out of the system.
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    Hi Garret

    If you see another Kraken or better go for it. I have had one for 7 years with mechanical disc breaks and I have not had one ounce of trouble. To be fair I have never taken it off any large jumps but did trail on it weekly doing 20 - 30 miles a week. Now onto 3rd set of pads and have only just replaced it. Now my son has it.

    Excellent bike, good frame for upgrading, comfortable and solid. Good value for the money.

    Ta Muchly


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