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Garmin 800-how do i set screen to show cadence?

bobinskibobinski Posts: 570
i have the 800 with the speed and cadence set up and recognised as present when i start up the unit. However, cadence doesnt show on the screen. Though i do get warnings when my cadence is too high :D so i must have set it up somehow in my newby playing around with it...

Anyone help? Tried the Garmin site but its terribly slow from work and people keep walking into my room when i should be working and noticing i am not!



  • kettrinboykettrinboy Posts: 613
    from Menu>spanner icon>>bike settings>training pages>timer pages>touch on page 1,2 or 3,>make sure one or more of these are enabled>choose how many fields you want up to 10 max>press green tick icon>touch a field to highlight it in blue>cadence>select one of the three options>then it should appear on whichever training page 1-3 that you chose, hope that helped.
  • bobinskibobinski Posts: 570
    Thanks very much.
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