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pip001pip001 Posts: 133
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hi,ive just been given a diamondback 05 to use on my daily commute.its nearly new but the forks dont really look up to much.can they be upgraded,if so what would be a good secondhandbuy?is there anything else i should upgrade?

tanks for the help


  • sm1thsonsm1thson Posts: 47
    the forks probably arent up to much, but how much abuse are they going to get on your daily commute? I'd hold off on making big purchases till you get the feel of what you dislike and want to change about the bike most.

    a good first upgrade may be pedals, possibly grips. an old bike you were given may well benefit from a new set of brake and gear cables, maybe some brake pads. tyres make a big difference. but ride it, have fun and see how it goes would be my advice.
  • pip001pip001 Posts: 133
    yeah. i know what you mean.i will see how it goes.i thought i could keep an eye open for some cheap upgrades as they come up.what forks pedals bars ect should i go for.never upgraded a bike before so i dont know what will fit.
  • getonyourbikegetonyourbike Posts: 2,804
    contact points, so tyres, grips and pedals are always worth doing. Then wheels and forks.
  • t0pc4tt0pc4t Posts: 978
    unless your commute has a lot of off road stuff I'd be tempted to go for rigid forks, swapped out my rubbish suspension forks about 8 months ago off my commuter as I only do roads
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