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Training loop Harrogate

jonnyconjonnycon Posts: 116
Hi all

I'm looking for a couple of good training loops 40-70 hillyor not miles starting from central Harrogate. Any ideas ?



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I stayed there at a convalescent home a couple of years ago and went into Boneshakers who gave me a fantastic route. If you want I'll map it out for you on BikeHike, it was BRILL!! One of my most memorable rides...
  • ZachariahZachariah Posts: 782
    Welcome to Harrogate! Loads of routes in and around the place, just pick a village about 20-30 miles away and you can't really go wrong. Easingwold, Masham, Pately Bridge for instance. It can be nice going in a more southerly direction but there seem to be fewer country roads closer to Leeds so North/West offers the best lanes for roving around.

    And if you find any long, flat roads, let me know. I've been looking for some for quite a while.
  • ZachariahZachariah Posts: 782
    Something like this, for example. Lots of nice scenery and, apart from the B6161, pretty quiet (and even that's not really busy). Plenty of challenging climbs around.
  • jonnyconjonnycon Posts: 116
    Thanks for the ideas so far. looks like some good cycling, Nap D that ride would be appreciated.


  • sagaloutsagalout Posts: 338
    I ride with these guys most Sundays:

    Take a look at the rides sections as most have garmin routes you can export. The routes have all been excellent for staying away from the main roads and a mix of hilly and flat rides. They might be a bit short, but you can always combine etc.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    edited March 2011
    Try this one. Ignore where it doubles back on the B6160. At this point take the estate road down to the Cavendish Pavilion (cafe). Monumental fountain by turn. Then cross wooden bridge to pick up route on Storiths lane.
    Edit. Route now correct.
  • ZachariahZachariah Posts: 782
    Ooh, that one looks good John.T. I'll give that a go in a couple of weeks. I've still not been any further west than where it says 'Greenhow Hill' on that map.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Good riding beyond Grassington. Park Rash and Fleet Moss to the east and up past Arncliffe towards Horton or Malham to the west. It just gets a bit long from Harrogate though.
    You can't really go wrong round here. Roll on some better weather.
  • ZachariahZachariah Posts: 782
    John.T, you wicked, wicked man...That route was a killer! So many hills...So many steep hills...One had Christ on a cross half way up, I felt close to that myself! </sacrilege>

    You also fail to mention (though I knew anyway but still did it) that for the most part you're heading into the prevailing wind, which only turns in your favour once you start going downhill. Which was nice.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Glad you enjoyed it. We do that one quite often. Now you know why I run a 12/27 on a compact on most bikes. Sorry about the wind. We normally get a S/Westerly in summer but this time of year often N/Easterlys which can make the run down from Greenhow a bit poor.
    I could find you some much hillier routes round here but they do mean going a bit further afield.
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