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Cleaning it.

WobbleheadWobblehead Posts: 264
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New to this mtb lark, been road biking in the summer (mostly dry days) for a few years.

Only been out a few times but getting totally cacked up everytime :D

It's a pain in the backside cleaning my new shiny bike after EVERY ride, is this normal, or is once week OK


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
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  • I suggest you clean it 1/2 way through your ride, and then again when you get home. Also clean it before you go for a ride just in case :wink:
  • I'm new to this too and have forced myself to take the time to clean my bike after each ride. Was tough on sunday when after a day in the mud I got caught in a little hail storm. Got to the car and got home, first thing to be done as sort the bike out!
    It's just habit now and I'm learning a lot more about how the bike works etc
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    Don't get me started on cleaning...
  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,203
    If you hose it off when it is still wet it makes it a lot easier!

    I'd say that you don't have to go mad after every ride, just make sure you clear the majority and the drive train, then make sure that get dry and lubricated to kep everything running nice & smooth... 8)
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  • Clark3yClark3y Posts: 129
    Half way through a ride isn't that crazy, the other day I did just that. Chain was crunching and grinding something chronic, quick wash under a waterfall and all is well.
  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,203
    Lol, my mate used his camelbak to clear his rear mech a couple of weeks ago.
    XC: Giant Anthem X
    Fun: Yeti SB66
    Road: Litespeed C1, Cannondale Supersix Evo, Cervelo R5
    Trainer: Bianchi via Nirone
    Hack: GT hardtail with Schwalbe City Jets
  • d3mattd3matt Posts: 510
    I have to clean my bike after each ride as it gets so muddy, it's seized up by the following weekend.
    I just wash it down with the hose, with a nozzle on the end.
    Then remove the chain and clean this in soapy water in the sink. I brought a SRAM chain with a Powerlink to make this a breeze.
    I also have to remove both jockey wheels and clean these as they seize up.
    Then back together and oil the chain with chainsaw oil.
    It only takes 15 mins. Then the bike drip dries and is ready for next time.

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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    .blitz wrote:
    Don't get me started on cleaning...
    Same here. I only ever clean it when I need to strip it down for whatever reason.
  • NatoEDNatoED Posts: 500
    i use car wax on my frame . when it gets dirty just brush it down with a damp cloth takes me all of 10mins if that , or if you let it dry just brush with a soft brush and it all flakes off .

    only exception is my road bike as it's 10sp so i like to give the drive train a good clean every ride
  • I only ever clean the chain and gear system after every ride (rinse with soapy water, GT85 then wax lube)... all i want after a ride is a shower and food, i can never be arsed cleaning the whole thing!
  • spdpug98spdpug98 Posts: 112
    I hose mine down after every ride esp' at the moment as my local rides are really muddy, then once a week I give it a proper wash
  • Hairylegs66Hairylegs66 Posts: 103
    It depends how well you want your transmission to work and how regularly you want to fork out for worn out chains & rings etc. I do hate cleaning my bike but I know it works better (and is more pleasurable to use) if I spend the time cleaning the chain, jockey wheels and chainrings, then lubing them thoroughly before the next ride. I hose the mud off, use cheapo wax car shampoo and a sponge, then get to work with the cleaning brushes and chain cleaning gizmo on the transmission. Cheap siicone based car dashboard shine applied with a cloth will help keep the dirt from sticking to the frame, don't pay a fortune for that branded stuff. Finally, remember it is only part of the year that the endless cleaning cycle occurs; hurrah for the summer!
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