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Fresh Oranges

uberscottuberscott Posts: 11
edited February 2011 in Your mountain bikes
Just got myself this from Gareth at Endlessride (he's still got the 16" frame for sale, couldn't find a nicer chap to deal with!)


This little ripper has just been finished at Orange - 14" 2005 Five frame with 2011 spec bits. This one's for my other half :)



  • Not very orange are they. :?

    They are nice though. :)
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  • D-Cyph3rD-Cyph3r Posts: 847
    I know theres not a lot in it, but the Alpine is definately a better looking bike than the 5. :lol:
  • swiftyx2swiftyx2 Posts: 203

    Stunning bike mate and love the colour. You tried it yet?, where are you planning to ride it? As would love to get one but not how they climb going down must be mental,,,,.
    Have fun on her,

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  • Hey Steve,

    I took the Alpine for its first ride yesterday in the Surrey Hills - although to be honest what I really needed there was a boat, not a bike! :)

    The Alpine performed admirably, it climbs pretty well considering the geometry and the few extra pounds. I don't think I'll have any trouble having it as my only bike. Going for an uplift day at Cwmcarn sometime in March, that's when the real fun begins :D
  • RevellRiderRevellRider Posts: 1,794
    The Five looks awesome
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