Tacx resistance levels

pthompson73 Posts: 58
Currently using a basic Tacx Turbo alongside a HRM to get in shape for Spring. Work and family commitments are keeping me off the road whilst the mornings and nights are still closing early.

Does anyone know of a rough guesstimate to equate the resistance levels on the Tacx (1 being least resistant to 10) in terms of how that would reflect to actual % gradients out on the road???


  • Typical Power curves are printed in the Tacx catalogue, these show resistance against speed, that might give you a really rough idea.

    Then use online calculator to see wattage required for road speed etc.

  • Garz
    Garz Posts: 1,155
    A bit loose to trust striclty as little things such as how inflated the tyre is, thickness of tyre, bearings, dish etc.