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Cyclemeter iPhone app - Recording rides online

gary.hounsomegary.hounsome Posts: 296
I recently posted regarding finding our how to transfer google maps into gpx files for use with the iPhone app Cyclemeter. The GMapToGPX bookmark tool was mentioned which i got finally got working the other day after having trouble with the route following the road once added to the app.

I have since found the website ' 'which allows me to draw a route on the websites google map and then import into Cyclemeter, i also export routes from Cyclemeter to, however i have routes in Cyclemeter where i have multiple ride information which i understand you can export as a csv file, but i can't find a way of importing this into

My two questions are, does anyone know if this is possible or is there an alternate site out there that allows you to draw new routes and upload existing ones with all of its ride data?

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