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dsmiffdsmiff Posts: 741
Last year me and my son (who was 10 at the time) rode a 100 mile charity ride (with about 2000m of climbs).

They have asked my son to do some PR for the event and are planning to set-up a website with some hints and tips for training.

We plan to do a couple of road rides but to be honest don't really have a specific plan, other than the fact we ride daily (or if not riding do some form of sporting activity, football, running etc.), we ride on both Saturday and Sunday on a 1 hr 40min MTB ride (no stops), he rode the ride comfortably last year, having to wait for me most of the time, and only struggled with about 5 miles to go (not that I was with him at this point).

I guess my hints and tips would be around regular excises, good eating and also mental attitude, in fact I've always told my kids that the brain is the most impartant part of cycling. I guess this is the reason they never give up when going up hills and stuff (in fact I remember one of them going back down a hill when the back wheel slipped and he had to stop, just so he could say he'd ridden it!)

Think they want a top 10 tips, I think it will be aimed a casual cyclists as they have a 15 mile and 50 mile option.

Please has anyone any ideas.

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