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Are CyclePowerMeters still trading??

GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
Hi all

Quick question. I have been trying to contact Cycle Power Meters for about a week regarding an order I placed 5 weeks ago. I can't get an email response and nobody ever answers the phone.

Has anybody dealt with them recently?

ETA: I managed to make contact so I am content. Thanks


  • Percy VeraPercy Vera Posts: 1,103
    Bob was at the TCR show so he was probably busy with that last week and now apparently he has a chest infection so they could be understaffed. No reason though to wait 5 weeks unless thats what you were quoted
  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Standard service from Cycle Power Meters IME.
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  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    I just tried a few times with the phone, got through to them after a few attempts. My wheel only took just over a week to come, though it was in stock.
  • I have had nothing but rapid service from Bob.
    In fact I have just been in touch with him a couple of times over the weekend.
  • They are great, I rented a Powertap from them for a year in 2008. Great guys. Great to talk to. Gave me a deal as I had the bloody thing for so long.

    Also set me up nicely with a 705 when they first came out for a nice introductory offer, like in the good old days, instead of the initial really high price most tech companies charge the early adopters.

    i HOPE they're still trading, they deserve to be.
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