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tacx vr multiplayer

jacktheladjackthelad Posts: 89
Hi guys been looking at the tacx fortius multiplayer was wondering if anyone has this setup,and was it worth purchasing or are you better buying maybe the tacx flow instead

any advice or info highly appreciated



  • 1_reaper1_reaper Posts: 322
    I have the Tacx fortius and love it. I found it fairly easy to set up. Got mine 2nd hand for a good price but saying that if i had the money i would have bought new. Mine runs on the old software but reading on the forums the new software is a bit buggy. Has transformed my training. really motivates me. gives me loads of data feedback and you can also race yourself to beat your best times and or the other fortius VR riders. The real life videos are good also. That's just my opinion on the fortius but i guess you can't beat getting out on the road and getting the miles in which i can't due to injuries at the moment
  • niblueniblue Posts: 1,387
    I've got an iMagic and use the Fortius software, So far I haven't really seen the need for the multi-player as I'm enjoying the VR racing/rides and RLV's.

    I haven't bought any RLV's yet - I'm currently using some I downloaded from the web from a Norwegian chap who has created some of rides in areas like the Lofoten Islands and up to the North Cape (which is hilly!).
  • slunkerslunker Posts: 346
    where do you get them from niblue??
  • niblueniblue Posts: 1,387
    slunker wrote:
    where do you get them from niblue??
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