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So if you had the next 3 weeks....

bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
mostly off work and you could ride pretty much as much as you wanted.....what would you do?

YTD I've ridden about 650 miles, thats been fairly mixed with a few days riding mountains in the Canaries at the start of the year, a good spell of SST & threshold work, some longer slower rides and last week I banged in 200 miles of L2/L3 riding. My usual work schedule means large amounts of travel and makes consistency a real challenge week to week.

My goal is endurance and power development for 'fast sportive riding' including the Tour of Wessex 3 day 320 miles in May and the Raid Pyrenean later in Sept. Its my 2nd year of serious cycling so I still have lots of room for development, with a FTP currently of 210w.

I'm currently debating whether to :

1. Go out and pile on 3 weeks of longer L2/L3 rides, in the classic old model of endurance base building, as I have the time to do it (weather permitting) or

2. focus mainly on shorter SST/threshold work and ride less?

For once I'm not really time limited and am a little torn on what will deliver the biggest benefit? Appreciate your thoughts...
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  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    if youre normally time limited that would tend to steer you more towards intervals/hard efforts etc. BUT for three weeks you arent- well it seems like take advantage of your circumstances and bang some miles in. if you do some L2/L3 work you can always incorporats some cadence work etc if you want to mix it up a bit. Make the most of it while you can 8)
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  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Didn't I see this exact same thread last year?

    Edit: not quite! ... eeks+train
  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    Pokerface wrote:
    Didn't I see this exact same thread last year?

    Edit: not quite! ... eeks+train

    well remembered !

    not quite the same position but some interesting input there as well.

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  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    I'll probably regret saying this....

    But 2 days hard, one day easy. Repeat.

    Hard days maybe a mix of L2 riding with L3 2x20 blocks mixed in?
    Easy days are recovery rides or a day off.

    Just a basic suggestion.
  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    Mix up the intensities, do some long L2 rides on the nicer days, if the weather is going to be pants do shorter more intense sessions.

    Don't rapidly up the mileage/ hours from what you have been doing, as you might find out you suffer alot.

    It should all be about progression, though you will have plenty of time for recovery as well which is good.

    If one of your goals is a 3 days sportive, then get used to riding for a decent duration 3 days in a row, but make sure you don't overdo it.

    If I am not time limited I would get about 20 hours in on the bike a week, with the bulk being L2, but with other intensities in there as well
  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    Thanks guys

    As reported in Golden Cheetah, I have steadily built my LTS from 50 to 100 this year, with last week hitting 120 and this week that will drop back as I'm overseas a few days and not on the bike.

    I'm thinking a bit of a mixture is a good idea, being careful to monitor LTS and STS to not overdo it. I also have a forced rest week at the end as I'm away 5 days again, so will get a break before continuing training again.

    I think some variety will also help with motivation as well.
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