Seatpost length

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I'm just about to buy a new seatpost as current one bent and is just outside warranty. Going to buy a Thomson one but not sure on length.

I couldn't see the length on my orange stalk but measured it and it was between 330mm and 350mm depending where I measured it.

So I think the 410mm one is probably the best over the 330mm one, anyone have any advice?


  • supersonic
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    If you are using the old one right on the limit, then you need a long one. ButI thought Thomson did 367mm? Plenty of other seatposts out there available in 350mm that are just as good for less money.
  • I'm about half inch under the limit at the moment, but wanted to be safe than sorry. I was looking at Thomson as I was recommended these due to me bending the last one somehow (I am a little portly and not as fit a I'd like to be so am sat down quite a bit at the moment).
  • Rindle
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    I'd go for the longer one. If you change your frame and need more seatpost it'll always be there. Assuming you have space for the extra length inside the frame.

    Have a look around at different seatposts but bear in mind posts which are the same length may have different minimum inserts.
  • The Thomson Elite is a fantastic post, it's reputation's deserved; don't see any reason why you couldn't get the 410mm & use a tube cutter (Homebase, about 8 quid) to adjust the length to suit - just make sure there's enough left in the frame! For me that means that the post goes on beyond the point where the top tube joins on a sloping top tubed bike.