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Rear Mech Eaten by Wheel - Why?

desmojendesmojen Posts: 136
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Hi guys,

Out on a muddy one today, and my hubby had a rear mech/rear wheel interface. I was wondering why this happens?
We are assuming it was because the mud clogged everything up, but I'd like to know for sure to try and avoid a repeat incident. Damage is not too bad, the mech cage is badly bent, along with the hanger. One spoke seems to have been tagged as well, so the wheel will need to be checked and repaired.
Is it possible to get cage parts for an XT shadow mech separately, or is a new mech the only way?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    could be many things.

    damage causing it to point into the wheel

    incorrect chain length along with incorrect gears ripping the mech off.

    chain length not right for the suspension design.

    a twig.

    and finally just too much crud.
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  • b16 b3nb16 b3n Posts: 301
    bent drop out, or overshifting?
  • I guess we can probably put it down to too much crud then. I've had the bike since last sept and it's all as new specs wise. It was an extremely muddy and claggy chalk based section on the ridgeway. There is lots of debris up there too including twigs and stones of varying sizes. I wasn't doing any shifting at the time as we were descending and due to the conditions it was very slow going. I guess it was just bad luck, as Jen's Trance had got blocked up several times on the ride yet this was the first time for mine today. Luckily in some ways we were only about a mile from the van so after getting the mech out of the wheel I could push down the rest of the way. Not Ideal but it could have been a lot worse.
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