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Shoulder injury recovery - Physio?

vernthemercilessvernthemerciless Posts: 47
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Three weeks ago I came off my bike on the ice and haven't been back on since because my shoulder still hurts and I can't take much weight on it.

It's still fairly painful and weak and I know I ought to probably go and see a physio but the last time I got arefferal to a physio from my GP (for a different problem) the injury had pretty much cleared up by the time (2 motnhs later) iIgot an appointment.

I was wondering if anyone knew any trusted websites I could get few exercises from which might help fix the problem?

i'm far from a serious athlete but i had hoped to get on the bike more nad be a bit faster this summer.
The bike's fine, it's the engine that needs an upgrade.


  • ZingzangZingzang Posts: 196
    First be sure of the nature of the problem with your shoulder. An injury to your shoulder can be one of innumerable things: it could be a rotator cuff problem, or you may have damaged the labrum, just to give two common examples.

    You really shouldn't go off and try to treat the injury without knowing the nature of it; you may do more harm than good. You should get a diagnosis first even if it means paying out of your own pocket for a one off session with a physio. (and make sure they are sports injury specialists).

    In the meantime you can try to keep the joint mobile (in a cautious way) through its full range of motion to stop the joint from possibly "freezing" up. If the shoulder joint is too painful, however, you should not attempt even this.
  • ChrisSAChrisSA Posts: 455
    See a physio - privately if necessary. I separated my shoulder in July and had physio in September as it was still clicky. Problem solved with a number of different exercises.
  • Completely agree with ChrisSA and ZingZang there. I had a dislocation 3 years ago in august and it was dreadful. Waited months for physio then when I finally got it, was not at all impressed with the treatment I recieved. Always gone private ever since and he had cleared the pains and stiffness and mobilitly issues pretty quickly. I'd get it assessed before you decide to look at exercises first. Could be rotor cuff, could be cartlidge issues, could be anything else too! Very complicated joint and can cause horrible problems if you dont get it looked at :)
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    Did you get it checked after you came off? Silly if you didn't. Get it checked urgently by a GP or physio, before you do any self treatment stuff!
  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 1,537
    You've got to get it checked out.

    The shoulder is a really complex joint and if you don't get it fixed correctly you could have long-term problems. It took me 12 months of discomfort and restricted movement before getting mine sorted out with an arthroscopy.
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