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Any riders in Skipton?

Andy2603Andy2603 Posts: 32
edited December 2011 in MTB rides
Looking for Person/groups who ride in Skipton area. I would'nt class myself as a beginner bit have a hell of a lot of skills to learn. Not a super fit but average!
Are there any routes near that I could takle with my level of experience?
Thanks guys


  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    I've replied in my other thread. Been out over embsay moor a couple of times recently and always happy to meet up with others ( as long as they don't mind a snail on the climbs)!!!
  • hammy7272hammy7272 Posts: 236
    I work in Skipton, I would be keen for a blast afterwork once the weather improves and the light gets better.
  • hi, work in ilkley up for night rides through the week after work and i'me also a bit of a snail uphills
  • hammy7272hammy7272 Posts: 236
    Need to get myself some lights I think, would be keen!
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    I've got a basic electron light set but don't think they'd be much use off road. Other than that I'd be up for it. I've also got Thule 3 bike tow bar rack so can always help with transport if need be
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Guys, drop me an email [email protected] if you want to arrange something
  • Hopefully there will be a few of us that can start something. I dont think we should worry about abilities or anything, just that we can get out there with some company! I might have to go away for several months due to work so If I cant get out in the near future I will be back in June....fingers crossed for good weather!!!!!! Soon as I know if I'm going away then count me in for some adventures!!!!!!!!!
  • hammy7272hammy7272 Posts: 236
    Hi Chris,

    I live in Harrogate and would be up for a ride or two at weekends?
  • i sort rides out of settle if thats any good to you we ride on tuesday nights and thursday nights its a mixed group of skills mesage me if you want in
    if i had my time again would i take the time to make the right choices

    naa thats no fun
  • Hi,

    Yeah, I would be keen when the nights get lighter. I'll get in touch then, Cheers
  • Would love to join anyone around Skipton / Settle.

    Went out for 1st time yesterday on a MTB, up bridleways to Settle, then Settle Loop and back home via tracks, absolutely knacked, covered in sh1te and only fell off a few times!

    Let me know, night rides would also be good, work permitting.
  • Thanks for posting in Wobblehead, went to Gisburn for the first time on Sunday. Rode the blue mixed with a bit of the red run, if you fancy going soon give us a shout, hopefully I will go regulary from now on. Got soaked, caked in mud and was knackered at the end was had a great time.
  • xterraxterra Posts: 117
    Guys would be up for a ride at Gisburn if there is room for one more...
  • woodytitanwoodytitan Posts: 163
    Hello peeps just joined forum, I live in Gargrave and am reatlively new to this but would be up for meeting up locally, will email charlieH as above, let me know any details, cheers.
    '11 Cannondale Trail SL3
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Hi guys, looks like we've got a good little group forming. Did Gisburn red route a few weeks ago and would love to go again. I've also been scouring for routes around the Bolton abbey/skipton area and found a tough but good route from Embsay, across the moor but finishing with some fast bridleway downhills towards the end.

    Why don't we arrange a get together one Sunday soon, possibly at Gisburn as it seems have a bit of everything. I have a towbar mounted carrier for 3 bikes as well as two roof rack carriers so I would be happy to help with any transporting issues.

    I'm actually at Glentress next weekend (woohoo) but I'm up for regular rides from April onwards. I'd also love to start a regular mid week ride once the clocks go forward as I need all the exercise I can get ;)

    My email is above so let me know or post any free dates here. Be sure to select the email notification button when posting so you know when one of us has replied (I forgot to do this so I've just remembered to do it)
  • psymon01psymon01 Posts: 46
    Hi I live in Ilkley and would be up for meeting others for a ride sometime. I ride mainly around Ilkley moor and up near Beamsley beacon but want to venture further afield - definatley want a crack at Gisburn sometime.

    Want to head over to Stainburn aswell but not sure whether I'm up to it just yet!
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    psymon01 wrote:
    Want to head over to Stainburn aswell but not sure whether I'm up to it just yet!
    I did Stainburn a few months ago and found it very hard going, and that was just the red route. That was before I switched to flats though so I might be a bit more confident now
    Gisburn however was a blast!
  • Andy2603Andy2603 Posts: 32
    Is anybody free on the 3rd April at Gisburn? Did some more of the Red Route, walked a bit of it though!!!! We can arrange a time and maybe a pint at the pub later. Agree Charlie H, Gisburn's a blast
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Will have to check with the other half as it's mothers day on the 3rd!
  • psymon01psymon01 Posts: 46
    I'm up for it. Hopefully the good weather will hold out for a bit longer!
  • Andy2603Andy2603 Posts: 32
    Bloody hell, forgot about mothers Day. Think I will have permission if Im on my best behaviour, but its a yes from me at the mo.
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Looks like I've got a thumbs up too :)
  • Andy2603Andy2603 Posts: 32
    Think I have the green light as well! Got cocky at Dalby on Sunday and nearly broke all my bones, confidance shot a bit so may walk more than usual!!
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Just got back from a weekend at Glentress! Did both Blue and Red routes on Sat then Sunday headed out to do Innerleithen Red. Did stuff I never dreamed of, jumps, rock drops, very quick singletrack, even tried a wall ride (very amusing, I got onto the wall then just slipped straight down)
    My entire body is killing me today however and I have blisters on my hands!

    Fired up for Gisburn now so count me in (with knee/elbow pads just in case, lol)

    What time/where? I will have space for one bike on the car if anyone needs a lift
  • WobbleheadWobblehead Posts: 264
    Might be up for it, unless the road bike gets an airing on Sunday, can I let you know nearer the time.

    Did Gisburn last Saturday, 1st time round a trail, only a bit of blood and a few bruises, not trying hard enough.... :lol:
  • Andy2603Andy2603 Posts: 32
    I have problems with sunday, sorry guys. Came off the bike and smaked my knee, stiff and swollen at the moment......trying to patch up with ice and rest. Will post the decision on Friday, gutted if I dont but will definately will the following sundays. Crossing my fingers anyway. Decided to go for a skills course too (I have a link where you can use Tecso's Club points)
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Andy, two words - Kyle Straits!!!! Best knee pads I've tried, comfy enough to wear all day and saved my knees a few times. I should still be ok for Sunday but it may have to be lunchtime as I've been informed by my 4 year old son that we have to make breakfast in bed for my wife, lol
  • Andy2603Andy2603 Posts: 32
    Knee holding up but bike is'nt. Went out last night and I think I have done some damage somewhere. Refusing to change gear and making squeaky and clanging noises. Dont care bout my knee its my bike I am concerned with!! Its going in for a full service tomorrow so Sunday looks doubtful for me. Charlie, thanks for the advice- might ask for those for Fathers Day! Let me know how it all went and have a great day all of you. My wife has seen the disappointment in my face and have a green light to go whenever we can meet up. Hope the sunshines for you,

  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Shame you can't get over here, I tend to do all my own maintainence and rebuilt my HT from scratch over the winter. If it's the rear gears that are playing up you may have bent the rear mech hanger.
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Anyone else free Sunday? My mate Tom can't make it and with Andy's mechanical problems it looks like it's just me at the moment :(
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