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How good are parabolic rollers

stevewjstevewj Posts: 227
I currently use Taxc rollers but still find I look at the front roller for positioning all the time rather than run the risk of coming off the sides. How good are parabolic rollers at keeping the bike from coming off and is there a problem when/if the bike comes up to the raised end in terms of it tending to tip the bike at an angle ( I presume not but thought I'd ask). Also any good value ones - I've looked at Elite Ghibli in particular.


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  • bianchimoonbianchimoon Posts: 3,942
    i have the elite parabolic, tho i couldn't tell you how they compare as i've never had 'normal' rollers, i find as long as i'm looking straight ahead i'm fine, but any sideways glancing and the parabolic shape doesn't seem to help you from falling off. Having said that i'm sure i've hit the edges of the parabolic rollers and managed to stay upright, so they 'may' help
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  • genkigenki Posts: 305
    It's a bit lke having a rumble strip on the motorway. Sometimes the noise and feel of touching the sides will be enough to wake you up and get straight in time. The shape does sort of nudge you back to the centre. It's not fail-safe and you'll still come off if you hit the side too hard. FIx a laptop right in front of you, put on a good movie, and you'll never need the edges of our rollers.
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    going downhill slowly
  • o i see rollers with sides sorry im enlightned now
    going downhill slowly
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