Saddle sore/ chaff

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Bit of advice really had to change my saddle after throwing my bike down the road and in my ultimate wisdom decided to move to a Prologo Scratch saddle.

The saddle itself is very comfy on the road, no pressure, no numbness it just sort of vanishes underneath you. Then after about 40 miles gets a bit sore not on my sit bones but undercarriage - sort of chaffing is the best way to describe it. It is not agony but slightly uncomfortable - I am using Assos chamois cream which is excellent.

Question is - does the saddle need breaking in and can I then expect the chaffing to go or do you think I am on a high road to nothing but pain?

Any advice or experiences welcome.....



  • chill123
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    stick with it for a bit. maybe try adding more chamoix cream than usual until your under carriage toughens up (resembles leather).
  • I use leather conditioner, not on my 'undercarriage', but on my Fizik Arione saddle which is bloody excellent despite looking like a piece of kit in Sweeny Todd's arsenal !

    Go with one of these saddles and you'll still be a hit with the girls - those that don't feel for a bit of "rawhide"

    Try a Fizik saddle, really!