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Tacx Antares Rollers Question/Issue

RichjRichj Posts: 240
edited February 2011 in Training, fitness and health
I was brought a set of Tacx Antares for Christmas, assembled them no problems and jumped on for a ride, within a few minutes was riding fine and really enjoying them. Now after a few uses I have noticed that the frame for the rollers slips when I put the drive belt on one side of the rollers, one side is fine and I can use them , if I put the belt on the other side the tension clip doesn't hold and I slips back a few cm's.

I have contacted the online store I used, who have taken an age to get back to me (but it is just after Christmas so I'll let them off) but they are justing saying send it back at my own cost and they look at it and are not giving any advice.

Has anyone else had an issue like this, is the tension clip faulty or have I done something stupid (which is always possible). I have googled "issues with Antares" and found nothing which is a good thing, but making me think I've done something wrong.


  • gandhigandhi Posts: 187
    The same thing happens with mine (it didn't to start with start). I just use the belt on the good side.
  • ..not had any problem (and have tried the band on both sides) with mine, are you sure the lock lever is closing properly on the side that slips?
  • ..and check you have the stop screw/bolt thing set at the same length on both sides....
  • RichjRichj Posts: 240
    cheers for the response

    the lock leaver is closed properly and stop screw is the same as I can use rollers when the drive belt is on the other side. Although I can use the roller putting the belt on the other side I am a bit concerned if the frame is slipping now what will happen in a month or two.
  • darren Hdarren H Posts: 122
    Yes mine do it to

    They start off square then after two or three sessions they move. So effectively your riding at an angle. Your rear wheel is square to the frame but your front wheel is angled.
    I just move it back after three sessions.
    Thought it was just me :lol:
  • 1_reaper1_reaper Posts: 322
    Had no issues with mine :D
  • RichjRichj Posts: 240
    hearing that a couple of other have the same issue but can still use the rollers fine is making me wonder if I should hang on to them, due to the position of the bike when I am using the rollers there is no chance they collapse on me.
  • Stoo48Stoo48 Posts: 54
    Same issue here, will try swapping which side the belt is on, but can see no reason why this should work, may try modifying the clamp or putting a pin or bolt right through the frame, that should fix it!
  • robrauyrobrauy Posts: 252
    Same issue with me. Doesn't seem to be too much of a problem yet, but I think it's a bit rubbish. Haven't tried swapping the belt to the other side though
  • RichjRichj Posts: 240
    Hi robrauy, Stoo48 and darren H have you had the rollers long, more concerned that if it is happening now will it get worse.

    To be honest I like the idea of putting a pin through the frame to keep it in one place rather than send them back as its not easy for me to arrange to send them.

    Just to say, I have no issues using them, they just slip on one side when I set them up.
  • robrauyrobrauy Posts: 252
    Started for me after around 4 months. Still work fine after a year or so despite the slipping.
  • darren Hdarren H Posts: 122
    This is my second set. 18 months at least.

    The first set I rode that hard I melted the bearings, ha ha ha only kidding.

    I lent them somebody and they kept them and gave me the money for them. Both sets have the same problem.
    So not that long my friend
  • Stoo48Stoo48 Posts: 54
    I have just got mine but from my wifes boss, he tried them once or twice and hated them, so not entirely sure how old they are, but not a scratch or mark in them so they are not very old
  • Hi All,

    Just found myself googling this problem. Bit annoyed bacuase they're supposed to be a quality product.

    Thought about a permanent fix by drilling and tapping but have tried a 'temporary' solution that seems to work.

    Just slip a piece of folded paper between the fixing mech lever and the frame, it pads it out a bit and no longer slips. Just makes the grip a bit tighter. Not the ultimate solution but a cheap fix and less hassle than sending back etc.

    (I folded a piece of small note paper a few times).

    Hope that helps?

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