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training for 260mile trek for charity

chazfirthchazfirth Posts: 5
i am about to start training for a huddersfield to brighton bike ride taking place at the end of april, i am currently a mtb'r but and chaning to road for this as its for the yorkshire air ablulance charity, maybe one day i might need them but hopefully not, i can manage about 25 miles off road riding at the minute but i was wanting to get fitter for the ride as its 260 miles taken over 3 days and i dont want to be suffering too much each night, i was wondering whats the best training to do in the gym as well as been out on the bike, i am 6'2" and weigh around 17 stone, hoping to drop to at least 15 for the ride any tips?


  • Cross training, cardio and upper body work really. Your legs will get the work they need on the bike. I rowed and used the cross trainer with some additional core strength work which has kept me much more stable on the bike.
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  • Karl2010Karl2010 Posts: 511
    You'll be alright Chaz..
    It sounds like a long distance but once you've done it you'll think "wasnt so bad"

    As an example:

    I did my first 100 mile in May 2010 after 80 miles i was suffering and didnt want to carry on, but i did carry on. 2 Hours after the ride had finished i was thinking, "actualy its not that bad"
    1 Week later i did 280miles in a week and it was easy. Although i did have a bit of saddle sore..

    You might want to make sure your saddle is setup comfy and get some Chammios cream.

    Just get some 50 > 70 mile rides twice a month or so and you'll be alright.
    Good luck with it.
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