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Indoor to outdoor power readings

wheeler585wheeler585 Posts: 552
Hi sorry if this had been a thread before, but had my powetap for around 3 months now and been building my FTP. With the snow and ice I havnt had the chance to go out and train outside, FTP inside on the turbo is 255. When I ventured out today, my readings were so much higher and felt so much easier! Is this normal, or have I suddenly become cancellera over a few months ??

Guess there are lots of variations to consider, heat resistance wind terrain etc, funny ad you would think it would be easier on turbo, harder outside
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  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 8,640
    Alex has covered this to some extent in his blog: ... ining.html
  • Nice one pokerface, will have a butchers, cheers!
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  • chrisw12chrisw12 Posts: 1,246
    I've just done a ftp test and I'm pretty certain that my power indoors is the same (or maybe even higher) as outdoors.

    For me there are a couple of factors that balance them selves out though:-

    Indoors: done sitting up, outdoors done in tt bars.
    Indoors less motivation but the big one for me, indoors I can keep a steady power output where as outdoors my power can wonder depending on the terrain, in other words I can better pace an indoor effort.
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 8,640
    I think the trick is to do all your testing the same way. Whether it's sat upright on the turbo or on a particular stretch of road.

    Then you can track changes better.
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