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Toys Hill/ Box Hill

cornerblockcornerblock Posts: 3,228
Has anyone been to either of these over the weekend? What were the roads like? Was thinking of riding out to one of these tomorrow just wanted to know if it was dicey! Pun intended. :)


  • Will.CWill.C Posts: 245
    GF lives up boxhill and as far as I'm aware it's been closed since before christmas because of snow, can't tell you from personal experience cos I'm ill but if I were you I'd wait a few more days for the ice to melt. Only today down my road has it started to shift.

    Couldn't tell you about toys, sorry can't be of any more help.
  • Funnily enough i went there today, top of boxhill is slush, from the cafe downward is sheet ice. No go
  • birdy247birdy247 Posts: 454
    Any update on Box Hill?
  • paul64paul64 Posts: 278
    Was fine by the 30th when I rode up there. Only problem was the usual one, fella riding just ahead of me as I turned into the Zig Zag was nowhere to be seen by the time I got to the top.
  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Yup - all clear. Light snow predicted tomorrow afternoon though between noon-to-midnight
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