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Cycleops Classic Mag Turbo Trainer.. help !

Hi Forum,

First post.. here goes !

Ive just bought a Cycleops Classic Mag turbo Trainer. It works perfect and I'm very happy with it. However, after looking through the manual, I cant understand what one of the dials is for.

To the side of the main resistance dial which is turned to position the roller onto the tyre there is another dial which when turned moves a plastic block back and forth.

I cant find any reference to it in the manual , can anyone tell me what this dial is for and does it need to be used/adjusted.

I hope I am not being thick but I just dont know.

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  • oceheboceheb Posts: 124

    It intended to ajust resistance and has 5 positions. It does not change resistance a lot, but you can feel it. Initial position is hardest one.

    Hope it helps.
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