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MY new Mondraker ( Foxy R )

starkeestarkee Posts: 143
edited February 2011 in Your mountain bikes
Foxy stealth alloy 6061 T6 zero suspension system 140mm
Fox float RP2 boost valve
Fox 22 float QRR 15mm 140mm
Race Face Evolve bar and seat post
Fizik Gobi XM saddle
Avid Elixir Brakes
Sram X7/X9 10 speed
DT X430 rims
Superstar 'patriot'grips

weight 12.9


  • starkeestarkee Posts: 143
    edited November 2010
  • sheepsteethsheepsteeth Posts: 17,418 Webster
    those mondrakers are such good looking bikes, nice pictures.
  • Is this another one thats my fault hehe.
  • sheepsteethsheepsteeth Posts: 17,418 Webster
    Is this another one thats my fault hehe.

    you're not allowed to pass comment until you provide more pictures :lol:

    im trying desperately to think of a good reason why i dont need a mondraker.
  • there are no good reasons,

    I have about 3-4 different threads of personal messages asking me about the draker cos people are so interested and no one can find a bike mag reveiw as the only reveiw trek/ specilized and oranges i swear.

    Ooo and forgot, yes tre sexy foxy mate your gonna fricken love it.
  • beautiful looking bike
    taken her out for a ride yet?
  • sheepsteethsheepsteeth Posts: 17,418 Webster
    is the bolt and washer thingy which attaches the seat stays to the shock linkage reversible to change the geo/travel?
  • starkeestarkee Posts: 143
    I narrowed my choice down to 3... Lapierre zesty 314,Ghost AMR 7500 and the Mondraker..... :?

    I did find a couole of reviews for the Mondrakers online ( some i had to translate ) The company has been going 10 years !

    I just loved the overal package of the Mondrakers, :D they are releasing some very tasy bikes at present. I liked the fact it was a bit different from the 'norm' at present. The supplier i found locally to me is shipping them out at a crazy pace ! There was this review but they used the Foxy RR for the pic ... :oops: !Foxy.jpg
  • one thing i will say,

    Your fork will never look that white again lol.
  • Lovely looking bike! The red bits really accent the blue and look a good combo. Nice!
  • RansakaRansaka Posts: 474
    Awesome bike.

    When I get some freeride skills I'm soooo getting a Mondy prayer.
  • that is very nice the red bits to add some flare, it had some already tbf though, very nice.
  • starkeestarkee Posts: 143
    The bike is standard (i have only changed the grips) and is as it comes 'off the peg'

    The red bits were not my doing, just my choosing ! :D
  • starkee wrote:
    The bike is standard (i have only changed the grips) and is as it comes 'off the peg'

    The red bits were not my doing, just my choosing ! :D
    i don't care who did it, it still looks great :D
  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 46,769
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  • starkeestarkee Posts: 143
    What make is that stem? Or is a Mondraker? If they do that in 50mm that would look awesome on my Blue Pig build.

    It is listed as : M-Decline AM 31.8mm 80/90/100 mm so i am guessing it's one of their own ?
  • sheepsteethsheepsteeth Posts: 17,418 Webster
    their own brand finishing kit is pure class looking.
  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    Love these Marin may have to leave me in the future....
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  • othelloothello Posts: 577
    Any good going up, as well as down? The angles look slack from the pictures!
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  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,767
    Not unlike my DuneR but alittle better up,

    These are more mini play bikes there great, they can climb confidently and happily but when you point it down <3
  • That Bike Oozes’ class. Loving the colours!
    Orange 5 AM

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  • starkeestarkee Posts: 143
    From what i have used it for so far i have loved it ! I am not very experienced ( and dont have much to compare against ) as this is my first full susser.But it does seem to like climbing. I seem to be able to stay seated alot more going up and even manage to make ground on some of the more experienced lads in the group i ride with....coming down ( maybe just me ) but i do find myself hanging off the back more than i am used to ? Plan to take it further afield during the course of the year and give it more of a 'seeing to' :wink:
  • Put a deposit down on one of these yesterday! Can't wait to pick it up and take it for a proper spin!!
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