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Standalone HRM or Connected?

equinefunkequinefunk Posts: 323
Hi, Just started getting into Turbo Training & doing some timed intervals that my friend suggested. After reading a little bit more I thought I might improve if I had an HRM. I have bought a Polar FT4, but before I use it I'm having second thoughts & wonder if I'd be better spending a bit more & getting one that I can download my data tand use a website like Trainingpeaks or buy Sporttraks.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

I'm over 6' and have quite a large head.


  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Personally, I find HR one of the lesser useful training tools - and certainly wouldn't look at it much after a training session.

    If it were me, would continue as you are with using DURING training and not worry about downloading it afterwards.

    My coach finds it useful to see HR - but only when compared to my power data. He doesn't look at it on it's own.
  • Thanks...I could record it manually if there' any benefit. I was thinking of checking for improvements.

    The FT4 only has 1 Zone, is it better to get one that shows percentages of your MHR or different zones or just work it out manually?

    I hate spending money on something then find out a bit later that for £10 or £20 I could have got something better.
    I'm over 6' and have quite a large head.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Not sure how much benefit being able to download HR data to Cyclingpeaks etc would be.

    The important data for me (if power data is not available ie when using the MTB) is:
    - av. HR for whole ride
    - av. HR for laps/intervals if doing them
    - time in each zone
    - to a lesser extent, maximum HR for ride / intervals

    I'm using a Garmin 705 which can provide all of the above off the screen EXCEPT Time in Zone which you need to download to a PC to obtain. It's a bit of overkill if all you are trying to do is get your intervals in roughly the right intensity level though.
  • Thanks....I'm not convinced that he FT4 is the correct Monitor for only has one zone & doesn't show % of MHR.
    I'm over 6' and have quite a large head.
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