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stretches to avoid sore muscles

poacherjakepoacherjake Posts: 45
I do try and spin the last 10 mins home from my rides as a 'warm down'.

But probably cos I'm new to riding, I'm getting pretty stiff / sore legs after my weekend rides: particularly at a point a few inches above the knee slightly towards the inside of the lower thigh. Which then makes the exercise bike a pretty unappealing prospect on a Monday evening.

Obviously there's the classic quad stretch, bringing your foot back up against your glute.

Are there any other good post-ride stretches that might focus on whatever-that-small-muscles-is-above-the-inside-knee?
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  • I think that what you are feeling is THE cycling muscle vastus medius - its activated in the last stages of the 'kick' lower leg extension - so congrats ? Stretches tend to stretch all the thigh muscles I think. Just be certain you're not suffering from over use and actually damaging it! Should be possible to self- massage gently too.
  • ah, I'm doing something right then!
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