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Sunny Map Holder

pw1brownpw1brown Posts: 243
edited November 2010 in Tour & expedition
Has anyone used the Sunny Map Holder I'm looking for an option to the handlebar bag I'm using, for light day touring. This map holder looks like it might flex a lot in the wind, but otherwise might do the job, and would fit into the attachment I already have.


  • It's huge, nearly 11" square. It's made of a tri-wall plastic (think cardboard box) It's quite rigid but it does clutter up a large amount of space on your bars. IMHO you'd be better of with the bar bag from Klikfix which has a map case on the top. At least there would be multi purpose use on your bar mount then.
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  • pw1brownpw1brown Posts: 243
    Thanks - I think I'll stick with the bar bag option as you suggest.
  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 1,055
    My local Poundland has a few bike bits and pieces inc plastic map protectors with velco to wrap around your handlebars...Does the trick...
  • pw1brownpw1brown Posts: 243
    Never thought of Poundland! - thanks for the tip, I'll have a look.
  • I use the Sunny for touring because I don't use a bar bag. I thought it would flex or even break in high wind, but It is very strong and I've never had a problem. I like it because it accomodates a large portion of a map so one is not having to turn over too often.
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