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Glute injury

wetnwindywetnwindy Posts: 19
I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem after years of riding a fairly upright hybrid I purchased a Bianchi C2C which as you all know is pretty radical compaired to a comfy hybrid. Cutting to the point I have strained the tendon area between Glute and thigh bone which the combination of rest, ice and stretching hasn't worked. Any ideas?


  • sods_lawsods_law Posts: 161
    Initial thought is saddle position. It might be set up correctly on paper, but going from an upright position to a race position closes the hip angle. Your body is probably just not used to being lower, and is therefore suffering some strain.

    Short term, try moving ur saddle forward a bit to open the hip angle up slightly. This will put ur knee in front of your pedal spindle though (assuming ur bike IS set up correctly), so isnt a permanent fix.

    Just my thoughts, am not a physio though (disclaimer etc :P), and im sure someone else will have a better idea than me...
  • See a physio? raise bars to open up hip angle again a bit? - until you are healed then sink over a period of weeks in combination with a good stretching prgramme.
  • yakkyakk Posts: 589
    Hi there, it sounds like you may have developed a hamsting tendonitis, but you would have to get checked out to confirm. It may have been caused by hamstrings too tight for the position on your new bike.
    As said below, try to raise the handlebars temporarily to ease it and don't push hard gears (at least not the pull through at the bottom of the pedal stroke). If riding gives you a bad consequence (ie you regret it after and you're painful for more than 30 mins) you are doing too much and should do less.
    You may benefit from treatment/ direction towards an eccentric loading programme, but I would do this under direction of a professional.
    Best of luck and hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the advice guys
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