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Chain-rings worn out - new BB + chainset best answer?

bumpitybumpbumpitybump Posts: 76
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The chain-rings on my approx 5 year old winter commuter hack are worn out. At first glance I expected to be able to easily replace just the chain-rings as these are fairly standard sizing at 44/32/22 on a 4 bolt fitting. However although the BCD of middle and outer ring is 122mm, BCD of inner ring is 74 and I can't find an inner ring that that fits and looking at cost if you buy all rings separately the cost mounts up quickly.

So then I thought - replace the the cranks and chain-rings BUT on a square taper sealed bottom bracket I don't seem to have a lot of choice for that.

So - what do people think about replacing the bottom bracket AND cranks AND chain-rings and buying something a bit more modern which should hopefully be easier to replace chain-rings on in future?

Bottom bracket is 114/68 so I have a lot of choice with that but if I do change bottom bracket should I go Octalink or ISIS or whatever for easy replacement of worn parts in future?
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