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Nausea in the gym

SimonM83SimonM83 Posts: 22
edited October 2010 in Health, fitness & training
Hi guys.

Got myself back in the gym (weights only). I hadn't been since 2007 because I've since had 2 kids. I've delved straight into a split routine. Today I started on chest and triceps and after the 9th set or so I started to feel really sick, shakey and my heart was pounding. I am physically fit and in good shape but I've only been mountain biking since I was last in the gym.

Has anybody experienced this with getting back into weights or after having a bit of time off?


  • Did you have enough to eat before you went to the Gym?

    I'm not a gym type but that sounds like how I feel when I run out of energy (bonk) if I've not fuelled properly on a ride. Did it start with a strange cold empty feeling inside before you felt sick?

    If you're worried about your ticker then see the doctors, better safe than sorry.
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