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ankle pain with carbon-soled shoes?

dieselgeezerdieselgeezer Posts: 231
Wondering if anyone can shed light on the following issue. If I wear road shoes with carbon soles I get the feeling of having twisted my ankle (right one only) after a ride. It doesn't feel too bad on the bike but walking is painful. The pain is on the outer face of the foot just forward of the ankle. I don't get the problem with more flexible nylon-soled shoes. I use Cyclefit wedges & moulded insoles (same in both types of shoe). I know the answer is NOT to use carbon-soled shoes but they do feel to transmit more efficiently.
Many thanks
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  • rdtrdt Posts: 869
    I assume cleat positions are identical. Is the stack height the same with the carbon shoes as the other shoes (or if different, are you changing the seat height to compensate)?

    Alternatively, perhaps your right foot/ankle has been used to having some movement during the pedal stroke which the stiffer soles now inhibit. In which case, it may be a case of attempting to wean yourself slowly onto the carbon soled shoes, so that your body has time to adapt to them without causing injury.

    I seem to remember having some occasional foot aching when I first switched to carbon soled shoes from what were very flexible, almost trainer-like, cycling shoes.
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