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does anyone know if/ where you can buy the plasticy type threadlock to put on the ends of bolts etc?

looking for something to use on rear suspension mounting bolts and maybe rotor bolts etc and im not really sure whats good and whats not! anyone got any experience with this stuff?

thanks :D


  • You want Loctite Lock n Seal. Preferably a medium or low strength version. I have used Loctite 242 (which is blue) with good results, I believe 243 is the newer version.

    Try searching for Lock n Seal on Amazon.
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    Preferably a medium or low strength version.


    Normally you don't need anything more than the Blue, in fact some rotor bolts come ready coated...If you use the high strength version on a small bolt you may never get it undone again without damage

    Another tip mentioned a while ago was to use nail varnish instead :shock:
    Maybe to colour match your bike :lol: Orange anyone ??
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    I often use nail varnish but more often for putting a mark on the head of a bolt and what it is against to check for it coming lose (not on bikes). I also use it over bonded joints as a crack in nail varnish will be a lot easier to spot in the bond moves.

    Those sticks are a great idea. I hate squeezy tubes of loctite. You always end up chucking half the tube away.
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    242 is a toolkit essential IMO
  • halfords do the stick type
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  • most wholesalers/diy places should have hermatite nut lock, small pot, but only need a little bit!

    superglue can be used too if desperate!
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  • KoilerKoiler Posts: 513
    cool, cheers guys

    just popped to halfords and am now in possession on a stick of blue 248.

    now i need to find something to take apart and put back together again....
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