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Bibshorts - would you?

slimboyjimslimboyjim Posts: 367
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I need a new pair of shorts after the (fixed) liners in my baggies started to disintegrate, so I was looking at chopping the fixed inners out and just getting some half decent lycra shorts for ease of washing (I cycle each day as I commute on the MTB as well). Anyway, a bit of research and all the reviewers seem to go mad for a bit of the bib short action, to the extent some say you NEED a pair if you are serious about your cycling...

Now every part of me says I will look ridiculous and there is no way I should buy them. I will be laughed at and feel stupid... However, a small part of me says that by the point you no longer care what others think and have gone for pure function over form you can truely count yourself amongst the ranks of a proper cyclist!

Of course there's no way I'll end up getting any - I'd not be able to look myself in the eye ever again! But in the interests of fun, what's everyone elses opinion? Will anyone admit to owning any and why are they 'better'.



  • I wear bibshorts under my baggies, very comfortable.
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  • sandy hillsandy hill Posts: 390
    edited September 2010
    BIb shorts or bib tights are a confidence thing.
    Chicks dig confident guys.
    Therefore chicks dig bib shorts and bib tights.
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  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,823
    I have some bib shorts which are very comfy - but not entirely practical for ladies if you need to stop for a pee mid-ride :oops: :wink:
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  • Personally I always wear bibshorts (or bibtights if it's cold) on the road and will often wear them under baggies on the mountain bike.

    For what it's worth, on a road bike they are definitively better. They're more comfortable, stay in the right position and you don't get a gap between shorts and top on your lower back. 100% of professional cyclists can't be wrong!
    Yes, they look utterly ridiculous, but then if you're wearing lycra then you've already taken that first step - the leap from shorts to bibs isn't that big.
  • MrChuckMrChuck Posts: 1,663
    Also you wear them under your jersey so it's not going to look any worse than regular lycra shorts!

    I've got some and I like them, but I guess you don't need a pair.
  • Why are they better than normal shorts? I assume there is a fairly major one for them to be so popular despite the aesthetics...

    Ps. I've never noticed a gap between my lower back and my shorts or had my chamois move as suggested benefits...[/code]
  • rudedogrudedog Posts: 523
    ideal if you fancy a post-ride wrestle with you suitably lycra clad man friends :wink:
  • The benefits are greater when you're on a road bike as you're far more hunched over the bars, rather than sitting more upright.
    Also, there's no elasticated waistband to dig in.
    All in all, they're just more comfortable.
  • I'm not much of a wrestler, but that is a useful feature :lol:
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 21,211
    as a larger man who may occasionally suffer from a common bum related problem common among builers and plumbers I can say that bibshorts are great! Uner baggies or on rare occasions, on their own...
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  • Think of it this way - do you want the confidence that your backside isn't on display to the world?

    Well, get bib shorts.

    You never know, you could be wearing the wrong size top ;)

    I know I've got one I wont wear without bib-shorts because the front is cut too short. :o
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    i wouldnt because i dont want to be invaded.
  • Just got 2 pairs of bib shorts as I prefer them under my baggies, much more comfortable for me.
  • t0pc4tt0pc4t Posts: 978
    same here, wear them on their own on the rode and under baggies off road, keeps the chamois where it should be and improves all round comfort
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    No probs with bib shorts under baggies. Got some Assos and Castelli, wouldn't say they are any more comfortable than normal liners but they are good when the weather is colder.
  • t0pc4tt0pc4t Posts: 978
    spend a bit of decent cash though, I recently got a nice pair of bib shorts and the exponential difference in comfort between them and my £15 ebay specials is stunning
    Whether you're a king or a little street sweeper, sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.

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  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    Seriously considering some 3/4 length bib shorts to go under baggies.

    Wouldn't subject anyone to me wearing them without the baggies!
  • t0pc4tt0pc4t Posts: 978
    I got the aldi ones but I have yet to try them
    Whether you're a king or a little street sweeper, sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.

    Cube Curve 2009
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  • I use bib shorts for long distance road, sportives and MTB racing and lycra shorts (without bib) for commuting.
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  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,203
    I've got a couple of pairs of bibs and a couple of pairs of non-bibs, the non-bibs only ever get worn if the bibs are still in the wash...

    +'s Keep your back covered, no waistband etc.

    Sometimes I wear baggies over the top, sometimes I don't. I was in a friends car last year, he asked me why cyclists (as we were passing some) feel the need to wear lycra, I asked him whe he feels the need to wear a very attractive dry/wet suit when he dives... Function is what matters.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Also you wear them under your jersey so it's not going to look any worse than regular lycra shorts!


    If you're wearing your bib shorts as an outer layer you should quit the sport now. They look far better than normal shorts as you don't have your censored hanging out! I wouldn't go back to normal shorts if you paid me.
  • wobbemwobbem Posts: 283
    I'm a convert, use them under my baggies, very useful on the longer rides 4hr +, haven't had a blistered censored for a good while now. Make sure you take a early morning censored before you put them on though otherwise you have to strip and on a cold winters day in some dodgy portaloo - not good. :cry:
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  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,959
    Dont wear them under body armour Etc after going to wales having a skin full the night before and turning up to ride and NEEDing the WC. this produces a very panicing effect and can induce finger pointing and laughing.
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  • Bibs are brilliant. End of. That is, of course, until you need to pee. Which will occur precisely 30 seconds after you put them on. Other than that, I love 'em...
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  • dodgydodgy Posts: 2,890
    Why wear baggies over the top of them?
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Why is pissing an issue, just bend over slightly...

    I can see that a number 2 poses more problems, or if you're a girl.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    dodgy wrote:
    Why wear baggies over the top of them?
    To protect others from "THE HORROR, THE HORROR" of a bloke in spandex.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    It's only really an issue if you're fat :-)
  • fuelexfuelex Posts: 165
    Always wear them under my baggies, much moer comfy than shorts...

    It also gives my missus something to laugh at when I get dressed on a sunday morning!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    njee20 wrote:
    It's only really an issue if you're fat :-)
    I reckon it's only NOT an issue if you're a narcissist
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