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Trek 3.1 2011 Madone

SoniSoni Posts: 1,217
edited October 2010 in The bottom bracket
I was in Evans the other day and browsed the carbon machines.

Anybody seen the Trek 2011 3.1 Madone in the flesh? I hope i don't offend anybody saying this, however is it me or does this bike look god damn ugly? Pretty much EVERY carbon machine i've looked at in the past looks gorgeous and makes me think 'god i need to get the money for one of them', but the headtube on this bike is so so long/high that it creates such a long wide curve inside the top tube/downtube joint that it looks so ugly! It takes away the fabulous loving beauty of carbon. Its obviously a Sportive fit, but Trek have made loads of Sportive fit bikes in the past which haven't looked like it just the 3.1 or have all the Trek Carbon sportive fit bikes gone this way this year? They didn't have any other 2011 Trek carbon machines on view to look at to compare.....


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