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Different size calf muscles

stuart_c-2stuart_c-2 Posts: 802

Whilst doing some stretches last week (something I rarely do, silly me) I noticed that my left calf muscle is bigger than my right. Is it normal to have 1 leg bigger than the other? My left leg is definitely my lead leg when riding. Should I be making my self lead with the right to try and even things up? Does it even work like that?

About 12 years ago I broke my right ankle and I know for a good while after that my right calf was smaller than my left, could it be that there has always been this difference but I’ve just never noticed/looked?
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    Just looked at my legs and FWIW they are the same size :)
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  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,823
    If it's any consolation I have wonky legs - my left calf is much bigger than my right :oops:

    I have absolutely no idea why!! It does bother me occassionally - I guess that's the advantage of getting older though, I don't really care any more :wink:
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    My right wrist is bigger than my left. Of course this is from darts and holding pints, not excessive watching of channel 96.
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,305
    My right big toe is bigger then my left big toe, I must be a some kind of pervert.

    Stuart C, it's possibly a result of the accident but 12 years ago is a long time, try some one legged calf raises.
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  • emaroidemaroid Posts: 33
    Well my legs are proper wonky as my left leg is 3.5in shorter than the right and my left calf is smaller, but just as strong. It doesn't seem to effect me, but then again I'd never know as I've always had the difference.

    I need to find some flat pedals I can adjust to make up some difference.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    supersonic wrote:
    My right wrist is bigger than my left. Of course this is from darts and holding pints, not excessive watching of channel 96.
    My right wrist is also far FAR larger than my left. As is my forearm. But i don't watch darts or drink that much.
    I would love to play darts or drink more, but I just don't have time, what with all the wan*ing :lol:
  • 02GF7402GF74 Posts: 1,294
    nobody is exactly symmetrical.

    if the difference in your calf muscle sizes is noticeable, then wear long trouseers, simples.

    are you right handed/legged? chances are the accident to your right leg meant you use your left leg more.
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