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Lowering front end

birdy247birdy247 Posts: 454
edited September 2010 in Training, fitness and health
I have a spez allez, which I am pretty happy with the position. I have the front end almost as low as it will go, but thinking about get a lower stem to get it lower.

My question is, if I lower the bars, should I then move my seat slightly forward to maintain the hip angle. Seat is currently about 8cm behind BB. So if I lower by 1 cm, should I move it forward say 1cm to maintain the hip angle?

Basically looking to make it a little more aero.



  • AirwaveAirwave Posts: 483
    I've use a -35degree stem on my road bike.As i do TTs on it as well it was the only way i could get the front end lower.Looks fugly but i've got so used to it that i'll keep it like it now.There's about 12cm drop between the saddle&bars,but my saddle is only 5cm behind the BB.So you may want to put the saddle further forward if it's uncomfortable.Bit of trial&error to find what suits you.My winter bike has a a drop of only 7cm.Riding when it was raining recently for the first time in months.It felt like MTB or shopper.Shows how used to a postion you get in 6months.When i first put the -35 stem for the first TT this year it felt so low,but like it&comfortable now.
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