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Does anyone on here use Strava? I stumbled across it the other week. It allows you to upload your rides like so many other sites but the unique point is that it then assesses the data, extracts and categorises climbs and then niftily works out who else has ridden the same climb. It then lists your achievement in a table along with the others and even lists a Kom. Alas it only creates new segments as these bits are called if you are a garmin user because apparently altitude data is more accurate due to altimeter but as there are plenty of garmin users on here I'm suprised that strava isn't more popular. I'd love to see more Cheshire or Manchester riders - i'm currently fifth out of five on the Alderley Edge climb (!) and most of the others dont seen to be active users so would be nice to have some ongoing competition.
Those without garmins can manually create segments from rides which isn't quite as cool, hence I am now seriously considering an Edge 500. Free strava account allows uploading of five rides a month which seems fine to trial it. Have a look


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