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plated collarbones....

M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863
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due to a monumental fcukup i managed to break both wrists and my left coallarbone 6 weeks ago. All on the mend but with added metalwork. wrists are aching but generally gettting much better.

Question is to anyone that's had a collarbone plated...

Do you always feel the metalwork on the inside? or does it feel the same as before after a while?
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  • Frodo1095Frodo1095 Posts: 252
    Havent had a plated collarbone but do have screws and plates in my ankle and leg.

    Dont notice them on a day to day, but can feel them if I run my finger over them.
    Only thing I do notice is that leg/ankle tends to feel the cold a lot easier.
  • turpinrturpinr Posts: 255
    i had a plated collarbone in 2003.a piece of my right hip was grafted onto my right collarbone with a piece of titanium and 7 stainless steel screws,
    no problems at all
  • I suffered a shoulder seperation and although I didn't get a plate, they did tie my collarbone in place with a bit of absorbable cord. I don't really notice it a year on but feel the cold from where the end of my collarbone was saw off in the op.

    Hope you get better and get riding asap.
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  • My collarbone was plated, screwed, graphed 2 yrs ago, I can always feel it but it doesn't hurt or ache, just feels a bit different. I have no problems with it at all now except in bed if I lie on my side I have to push my shoulder underneath or it hurts then. I found up to @ 1yr post op if I didn't do the most basic physio activities for a week, I couldn't do silly things like throw a bag onto the passengers seat in the car. Do your physio even if it's just with a cheap 3kg handweight from Argos at home! :)

    Just broken my soddin leg, when I grow up I'm going to be a robot!! It's not the breaking that hurts it's the not being able to play!

    Hope you're fixed soon!
    Karen x
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