Upgrading Trek 3700

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Hi i just start enjoying to ride a Trek 3700 this is like entry level components 7 speed .Im thinking about upgrading to 9 speed ( cassette ,shifters and derailleurs)are you pros recommending this change or not .
Any idea how much gonna cost?
The frame is spotless but components suck I like something which last long time and is good quality like Sram or Shimano


  • supersonic
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    This could be quite an expensive upgrade, as you may need new wheels (if you have a free wheel, rather than a freehub and cassette, and even then 7 speed ones are not compatible with a new drivetrain).

    I would check the wheel first.
  • That is good idea check the wheels first I will do that
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    it will defo need a new wheel, I have a 3700 and bent a chain whip trying to get what I thought was the rear cassette off, it's not, it's the old 'screw type' one so you would need new wheels as well as new shifters etc

    By the time you have spent that you could probably get a 2nd hand hardtail with better spec to start with.

    The forks aren't great either, however I have mine for a snow bike, it's fun to ride even if it is basic
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