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Calf muscle imbalance and cramping

HibbsHibbs Posts: 291
I seem to be having an imbalance with my calf mucles, in that the inside gastrocnemius does not seem to be gaining strength at the same rate of the outer muscle. A problem is arising now I've started introducing sprint/VO2 max intervals to my training in that the inner muscle (that otherwise doesn't seem to be getting worked) is coming into play, but will then cramp up after just two or three intervals. Does anyone know why this is happening? Will this gradually disappear as I do more and more above-threshold intervals for the rest of this season and then next?

For info, I have severe pronation of both ankles, for which I am using professionally fitted shims, so it may be the way my leg operates this muscle isn't usually utilised at sub-threshold levels.

Thanks in advance.


  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    I know this sounds really stupid but try to ensure your toes/feet don't try to 'grip' teh pedal when you're working hard. I had one or two spinning clients that got really bad calf cramps at first they tried all kinds of solutions and it wasnt until I told them they didnt need to hold on with their toes that the problem was solved! Obviously not the same thing but it could well be your pronation is causing your calves to compensate too much in some way - perhaps go back to teh person who fitted the shims?
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