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Cramps and sore achilles

brissy1876brissy1876 Posts: 3
edited September 2010 in Training, fitness and health
Went out for the longest run I have done so far Falkirk to Peebles via Livingston and Edinburgh. Back the other way via Newbigging and Carnwrath. Thought I was well prepared but going through Braehead I started cramping up badly. It always seems to be any runs over the 60 mile mark it happens. Although yesterdays was around 100. Any suggestions?
Also my achilles are very tight. Hope someone can help me


  • stonehousestonehouse Posts: 222
    Big jump in mileage 60 - 100. Try increasing your mileage by no more than 10% a week and see if you get the same result, that's assuming that your bike fit is not to blame? Achilles issues can be attriubted to seat too high for instance.
  • Might be an idea to check your saddle height. I had achilles tendonosis training for ironman and found dropping my saddle by a bit meant I wasn't putting as much strain on the achilles.Also found climbing hard as dropping my heel seemed to aggravate it too. Stretching on the stairs dropping down the heels for 5 secs and then going down a stair each time seemed to help, but it's horses for courses
  • I have put my saddle down. Did not cycle for 4 days tried to go out and take it easy but it is still quite painful. I think I might have done more damage than I first thought.
  • any crunching/popping sounds/feelings? If so then it is probably Achilles tendonitis in which case you'll probably need some anti-inflammatories etc. along with compression and icing.

    Stop riding until it is better, but stretch it in the mean time. If you're clipped in try moving your cleats back as well as this will reduce the load on your Achilles too.
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