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Turbo or Rollers

Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
I know this has been asked before however there doesn't appear to be any definite answers.

What I would like to know is which one will benefit me as an endurance Mountain Biker? I appreciate the obvious choice would be a turbo trainer as they have resistance, however I believe you can buy resistance kits for rollers which don't cost the earth.

The only real benefits I've read about each is a turbo trainer allows you to watch tv and rollers are good for balance.

As I live in north Scotland the weather here isn't the best so whichever device I get will be a substitute for actual riding and will be used heavily as a training aid.

Thanks for reading.


  • Think that it has been answered...comes down to personal preference.
    Rollers - more entertaining, develop balance etc, more road like...the downside being that standard ones dont offer enough resistance/ you need to be reasonably skilled to push hard enough to get your HR up

    Turbo - mind numbing etc...but you can watch TV. Ideal for doing high intensity intervals.

    Both are difficult to spend greater than an hour on. I think that you should go for both and use them for different sessions, but if you could only have one then the turbo is probably the most versatile.
  • sampurnellsampurnell Posts: 126
    i have rollers and my mate has Turbo, fduring winter we will be alternating mornings on his garage, rollers Heart rate Zone 2 and calls when the Turbo rider has to start/end interbval sessions.

    simple answer - get access to both. :P
  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    thanks for the replies guys.

    Unfortunately I don't have money for both so it's one or the other.

  • reluctantly so id advise getting the turbo......
  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    callaghan wrote:
    reluctantly so id advise getting the turbo......

    If I was to get roller with resistence would you change your mind?
  • yes. But if you can try rollers first
  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    Big thanks for the help guys.

    I think I'll go with the rollers and get a resistance kit later. Christmas is coming soon :)
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