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WKO on a netbook

shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,077
I'm fairly illiterate when it comes to new PC stuff but thinking of buying a netbook at the moment for use when travelling.
Anyone got any experience on how well WKO works on such a contraption, eg Samsung N110?


  • willbevanwillbevan Posts: 1,241
    Not got specific experience with that netbook, but had it running on a low powered UMPC.

    Runs okay, its really down to the charts.

    If your doing say a chart that includes files back to 2008, it could take a minute to update :)

    If your simply importing data and doing the typical PMC etc, will run fine.
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  • Dodger747Dodger747 Posts: 305
    I've got a Samsung N130 and it works fine.

    I'm only uploading a file at a time and only have about a months worth of data atm but all is well... :D
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  • dealdeal Posts: 857
    Samsung NC10 here working fine
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