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Training on Rollers

dave35dave35 Posts: 1,124
edited August 2010 in Training, fitness and health
After making the change from turbo trainer to rollers, can anyone give me some ideas of training sessions to do on them?


  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    just do the same sessions you would ride on your turbo....
  • G-WizG-Wiz Posts: 261
    I've been using one of the Spinervals videos on mine today - totally time trial - which is OK.

    Relatively little standing up , it's just 4x 15 pieces at varying resistance and cadence.

    Anything trying to simulate out-of-saddle type efforts or really high resistance at low cadence is out of the question at the moment.

    I'd suggest work that doesn't vary by huge amounts around threshold to begin with.
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Agreed, you can't do high-resistance low-cadence stuff like you can on a turbo.

    But you can do high-cadence/medium cadence stuff using your gears and you can work on technique, getting your pedal-stroke smooth rather than 'pedalling squares', and single-leg drills.
  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    andy_wrx wrote:
    Agreed, you can't do high-resistance low-cadence stuff like you can on a turbo.
    You can if your rollers have a resistance unit.
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Yeah, alright.

    The Tacx resistance unit won't fit my Tacx rollers as they're too old - and cost somehat less than the resistance unit alone costs...

    Actually, I rather like the idea of those (Kreitler I think ?) where there's a band which drives a big fan which blows cold air into your face
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