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LCL ligament

dealdeal Posts: 857
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Have been suffering for about 18 months with a damaged LCL ligament giving me a fair bit of laxity in the knee, this was previously misdiagnosed as an ITB problem from which I have suffered in the past. Finaly got to see a physio who knew her stuff and has managed to greatly reduce the instability with various exercises - resulting in me being able to ride for around 2 hours without any major pain (15-25 minutes was my previous limit).

However improvment seems to have reached a plateau so im looking for advice. Has anyone else suffered similar problems and did they find anything to help? Im thinking that perhaps visiting a physio with specific cycling knowledge may be usefull, preferably in south wales or the south west any recommendations?



  • evilollieevilollie Posts: 148
    Feel your pain. Grade 2/3 mcl tear and a ruptured acl . I'm back cycling now . I never had. Any problems pre surgery with the mcl . You can't do anything really to improve the laxity once it's there that's it. It's like stretching a bit of plastic it won't regain it's shape

    All you can do it's improve the quad muscles to overcome the laxity . That's what I got from my Physio .it's strange your having problems . As this lateral ligaments aren't under a huge amount of stress during cycling .
  • huuregeilhuuregeil Posts: 780
    I'm not a medical professional, but I'd second evilollie's statement that the lateral ligaments aren't under a lot of stress cycling. To me, this suggests two things: your fit, and particularly your cleat positioning, may be off; you've got weak glutes and this is affecting your knee tracking, particularly when fatigued. More muscular strength in the major leg and hip muscles is always going to be a massive benefit to anyone with knee joint issues, so do persevere. My plan of action would be: get a very decent bike fit done; find a physio with specific cycling experience; find a physio or coach to work with you on a very solid strength training program. Good luck!
  • evilollieevilollie Posts: 148
    i can only offer my own experience with ligament problems, after my MCL healed i went back to cycling i had no ACL in the same knee and i had no problems and could cycle normally

    post acl op i have no problems with my ligaments, apart from wee bit of tightness on ITB but thats due to atrophy in glutes

    i agree with above worth getting your setup checked , kneegeeks is a good website for information
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