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Tacx Catalyst

YoungfoxYoungfox Posts: 32
I have a Flow turbo trainer. Can I connect my laptop to the head unit or resistance unit directly and use just the catalyst software to get a visual display or do I have to by the whole PC upgrade at megabucks for the new head unit. Anyone got tips on this or if it's worth it. Advice appreciated - cheers


  • kinesinkinesin Posts: 100
    There is no way to connect the flow head unit, you will need to purchase the i-magic head unit & software (if not included).

    I got my i-magic upgrade unit (old green version) second hand from for about £60 about 4 years ago.

    The current version is available from for 179€, / £149
    I got my flow from them, Not cheap though :cry:

    Cheaper here: @ 139 euro / £120 - Not used them.

    P.S I buy a fair bit of cycling stuff from Germany as it's cheaper & no vat/customs problems.
  • YoungfoxYoungfox Posts: 32
    Thanks for the advice - just what I needed to know - cheers
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