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High altitude training effects

davetravedavetrave Posts: 23
At the end of November I'll be spending 6 months on holiday in Kabul courtesy of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Defence.

Although I won't have a bike (riding round downtown Kabul in lycra would be a bit risky and in body armour and helmet with rifle would be a bit hard work) or rollers/turbo, I'll have access to a gym with static exercise and spinning bikes so can still train.

Kabul's at 2000m. How should I approach the training? I appreciate I'll have to be either reasonably fit already or start out pretty steadily until my body has acclimatised? And how long will the physiological benefits last once I return to Blighty?

I'll be using Sufferfest vids and some home made vids along the same lines to keep me interested...
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